With advances in new media and online collaboration, I find it interesting to consider how new media might be used in the corporate world of tomorrow.   No doubt there are uses we cannot yet conceive, but it’s always worth trying.   As a kid one of my favorite activities was to draw pictures of “cities of the future” which looked more like “cities in outer space” – it’s fun to imagine the impossible considering it may actually become real.

Here is my initial list of ideas.  Some may already be started outside corp walls and will eventually move behind.

  • Use of robust and integrated social networks for identification of content
  • Video based presentations – ppt of the future?
  • Video for how-to’s, support, etc
  • Video email.  Or are words simpler and better for email/chat.
  • Video based lan navigation – like a virtual office to help organize information.  Users from different languages might be able to navigate storage by pictures instead of words…
  • Blending of doc & video format – maybe auto conversion between spoken/written/visual
  • Video Reports – could time based media provide richer reporting format?  Instead of Excel spreadsheet you get a media clip with integrated navigation

Are these crazy ideas?  How about more so I can update the above list with credits to each of you.