Although video has a great deal of attention, there remain equally exciting advances occuring around publishing.  Everything from Print on Demand (POD), electronic readers, and accessibility.  These technologies look to be rapidly advancing what “publishing” means, its availability to writers and readers, and opportunities for new advances.  As traditional revenue streams change, folks are forced to innovate bringing new ideas to how we produce and consume published media!

Recently in doing some unrelated research I came across a neat technology called Scribd.  While not new, it was new to me and quite interesting.   I also have been watching another technology from Amazon called Kindle.  With this I wanted to list out some interesting publishing technologies I was aware of and hopefully get comments on others.

This blog is not about traditional publishing nor meant to be an exhuastive list of eBook type options.   Instead this is meant to highlight some technologies I have recently come across and seek input from others.  If you haven’t already, I encourage you to wander the web and look at what’s new in with publishing.

  • Scribd – a service that provides a “place where you publish, discover and discuss original writings and documents.”  This services allows you to upload in multiple formats (like Word, PDF, PPT) and then publish in their iPaper format which can be embedded into web sites, blogs, etc.  They provide sharing and community type features.
  • Amazon Kindle – provides both a device and service for delivery of published media from  A convenient aspect of the Kindle solution is the Kindle connects to the Amazon service using cell phone technology – so no need to sync via your PC.
  • Sony Reader Digital Book – Sony provides an eBook reader and store for eBooks.
  • LuLu– is a “digital marketplace” providing a service that “eliminates traditional entry barriers to publishing, and enables content creators and owners – authors and educators, videographers and musicians, businesses and nonprofits, professionals and amateurs – to bring their work directly to their audience.”
  • Publish2 – provides a “free service for journalists and newsrooms to save, share, and publish links to the best content on the web.”  In addition, the inventors of this technology host the Publishing 2.0 blog discussing how “technology is transforming media, news, and journalism.”