The value of traditional ECM systems is well documented.  In addition more and more are seeing the enabling value of social networking tools within a corporate enterprise.  Now does the marriage of ECM content and social networking create a new, untapped monetization opportunity for the enterprise?

While recently considering monetization options for twitter, started to ask if similar ideas might apply to ECM.   Twitter has a wealth of information around content, location, relationships and trends – and all very current.  Similarly within the enterprise there exists a wealth of information and knowledge across ECM systems including content sources & owners, social platforms (wiki, blog, micro-blogging, IM), organizational knowledge, communication tools, queries, workflows and relationships.

This knowledge becomes even more powerful when connected together!  Imagine how the interconnected knowledge from combining ECM content and social networking can create a new set of opportunities.  Could this knowledge help identify corporate trends (like morale, confusion, duplication), improve optimization by matching up related information (teams, projects, people) or possibly even identify risky or illegal transactions?

Each of these scenarios could be mapped to value – cost to rehire/retrain, cost of duplicate efforts, cost of lawsuits.  There remains the important balance around privacy, but expect this will be manageable.

What do you think?   Do you agree this marriage creates new opportunities to capture value from knowledge?  Also this further strengthens the value of enterprises first breaking down collaboration barriers internally by enabling and encouraging the use of social tools in conjunction with ECM suites.